MITSUBISHI LANCER TURBO KIT ONLY Rs 75,000+vat incl. fixing & Emanage Ultimate ECU
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Carbon Filter charger with funnel
Real Carbon charger air filter with piping and funnel adaptor going straight into bumper for best performance. Instant power gain on any car!
Civic 01-05 Direct Air Filter Kit
VSD Ignition Booster
Increases power up to 17hp. Fits only Direct Coil Ignition Honda Civic 2001-2009 Toyota Nze, Subaru Impreza, Lancer etc...
Civic EK short springs
Genuine GAB Lowering springs Made in Japan
Genuine Iridium Spark Plugs
Most Japaneese and european cars available
Genuine Autogauge
Many types of Gauges Available
High Performance Brake pads
Mitsubishi Lancer - Honda Civic - Toyota Glanza - Celica - Mazda 3
Door Siil Plates
Available for Peugeot 206 Mazda 3 - Civic 06-09 Nissan Tida Honda Fit
Universal Lambo Door
Mitsubishi Lancer 03 - 05 Exhaust
Equal Length Performance Exhaust Manifold with downpipe. High Power Gain! Featured in our Race car
Civic 01-05
Brake Disc for Civic 01 - 05 Also available for Civic EK.
Simota Filter Cleaner Kit
Vacuum & Fuel Hose
Special Effect Paints
Performance Parts
Oil Filters Voltage Stabilizers Heat Bandage Air Charger
Strut Bars
Increases Vehicle Stability
Steering wheels
Genuine Silicon Alarm
Remote Engine Start Available Keyless Entry Beeper
Many types of Exhausts
As from Rs 1500
Bucket seat
New Stock
Honda fit 06 Body-kit
Civic 06-09 spoiler and body-kit
civic 97 bodykit
Bmt Civic project
New Bucket Seat
Lancer - Civic - Fit - Mazda3
Toyota Blacktop 20V Cam Pulley
Lancer_EX_full kit


Apexi Power FC

Haltech ECU

Apexi Neo